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Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

"Our vision is to shape our cities for Christ by equipping leaders that will live and serve sacrificially to make our earthly cities more like heaven, that the poor, the lonely, and the lost might experience Jesus through our alumni."


Mission and Educational Objectives

Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary is an academic institution that is committed to the global advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church through the medium of educational training. Our purpose is to equip servant leaders of integrity to exegete and deliver the Word of God, to urban people of all cultures, for the glory of Jesus the Messiah.


It is the goal of CCCTS to develop servant leaders with high academic training, interpersonal skills, and moral constitution. It is our desire that each student be sent into the world prepared, trained, and equipped to fulfill the Great Commission.

Therefore, CCCTS is committed to...


High Academic Training whereby the graduate of CCCTS has developed...

  • evaluative skills;
  • commitment to a life long pursuit of learning and intellectual growth;
  • the ability to demonstrate effective and efficient communication skills;
  • educational knowledge and theory to be utilized in fulfilling daily-living experiences; and
  • the ability to resource sound information.


Interpersonal Skills whereby the graduate of CCCTS has developed...

  • a commitment to modeling maturity in the relationships of family, church, and society;
  • an acceptance and appreciation of diversity, and is able to relate positively, without prejudice, to produce interaction and experiences among diverse racial and cultural groups.


Moral Constitution whereby the graduate of CCCTS has developed...

  • an understanding and purpose for daily worship;
  • the transference of knowledge and commitment of daily discipleship into their Christian lifestyle;
  • a sound understanding of Scripture and a deep appreciation for our Judeo-Christian heritage;
  • effective and efficient communication that enables the student to defend the Scripture to an urban audience; and
  • the ability to effectively articulate the gospel in order to lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ



Office of Admissions

Constance Hemphill

Director of Admissions


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Charlotte, NC 28206-7901


Phone: 704-334-6882 (x115)

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