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Tuition and Fee Policy

Bachelor Level Costs

The method for calculating tuition rates for the 2014-2015 school year for the bachelor level will continue with a flat basis for students enrolled in classes having combined academic credits of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) hours at $8,454 annually or $4,227 each semester, plus matriculation fees of $125.00, payable at the time of registration. Students taking less than 12 hours shall be classified as part-time, and tuition shall be charged at a rate of $375.00 per credit hour plus a per-semester matriculation fee. This rate applies for all summer and block courses, unless block course hours are included in the regular semester. Students taking more than 15 hours shall pay an overload fee of $280.00 for each additional credit hour. Tuition for non-catalog courses that may be offered from time to time to non-degree students shall be established on a case-by-case basis.


Master Level Costs

Number of Courses Total Cost of Courses Average Cost per Course Savings to the Student
 1 Course  $1,200.00  $1,200.00 0
 2 Course  $2,300.00  $1,150.00 $100.00
 3 Course  $3,300.00  $1,100.00 $300.00
 4 Course  $3,900.00  $975.00 $900.00
 5 Course  $4,500.00  $900.00 $1,500.00
 6 Course  $5,500.00  $925.00 $2,900.00
 7 Course*  $6,125.00  $875.00 $2,660.00


*requires special permission to take more than 18 hours


Master level students pay a flat per class rate and receive a discount for taking multiple classes. This gives the master student a great deal of control over the cost of his or her education. Students must take four (4) courses to be considered full time. Graduate students taking more than six (6) classes must have approval of their advisor and the VPAA; no graduate student may take more than seven (7) classes under any circumstance. 


Fees - all fees are nonrefundable

Application for Admission Fee (one time cost): $50.00
All F-1 students: $140.00
Matriculation Fee (per semester): $125.00
All F-1 students: $225.00 (Includes all student service fees: ID Badges, library, technology, SGA fee, Chapel, and on campus parking)

Student Activities Fee: $30.00 (per semester, excluding summer)

(50% will be set aside for student activities and 50% will be set aside to help endow the Christian Vocation Scholarship.)

Distance Education Fee (per course): $50.00
Course Auditing Fee (per course): $100.00 (Based on availability of space and unavailable for distance education courses - no credit awarded; half price to alumni and employees)

Late Matriculation Fee: $50.00
Course Change Fee (Per course add or drop): $25.00
Degree Change Fee: $25.00
Extra Diploma Fee each: $75.00 (If Graduates desires to have a second or third diploma printed, they may do so for this amount each)
Supervised Instruction Fee (per semester hour): $75.00
Transcript Fee: $10.00 (Official copy)
Re-entry Fee: $40.00 (After absence from CCCTS for one year)
Books - Estimate per Course: $160.00 (May be ordered from our on-line bookstore)
Return Check Fee: $25.00
Monthly Payment Plan: $ 45.00 (For Each Semester)
Monthly Late Fees: $25.00


NOTE: Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary provides free Wi-Fi for the entire Campus. All students are required to have a laptop, IPad, or notebook computer for personal use and study, both on and off Campus. Students may ask the Registrar for a stat sheet of computer requirements.


Payment Schedule

International Students: All international students must prepay for the first two (2) semesters before the institution will issue an I-20.


Monthly Payment Plan: The institution offers a Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) to qualifying students. This is a method to finance your education, interest free, one semester at a time. Students unable to pay their tuition in advance and requiring the institution's assistance through the MPP must pay in advance a MPP Application Fee of $45.00 plus forty percent (40%) of tuition at the time of applying for the MPP. If you choose the MPP, your payments will be thirty percent (30%) of the tuition for the semester per month. All payments are due by the 10th of each month. For example: a full time undergraduate student owing $3,650 would pay the $45.00 MPP Fee plus:

Initial Payment: $1,460.00
Second Payment: $ 1,095.00
Final Payment:  $1,095.00

The MPP fee is due at the time of making the arrangements and signing the agreement, plus the initial payment of 40% is due on the following schedule:

Fall Semester - August 10
Spring Semester - January 10
Summer Semester - May 10


The MPP is not available for block courses and special seminars unless billed as part of the regular semester charges, and is only available to students who have honored prior agreements and are paying as agreed. MPP is not available for first year students without a credit check. MPP is not available for international students until the second year. Students not current on their MPP will be pulled from classes during the eleventh week and not permitted to complete the semester. All accounts with unpaid past due balances will be assessed a $25.00 late fee by the tenth of each month. Student accounts that are not paid in full will be turned over to a third party collection agency, and listed on the student’s credit report.


Withdrawing from School

The institution must plan and budget for each semester based upon the number of students who register. The withdrawal policy reflects the fact that many of the fixed expenses of operating an education program are already allocated when students register and are not diminished by the student’s withdrawal.

1. Fees: All fees must be paid at the appropriate time and are not refundable.
2. Tuition: Arrangement for payment of full tuition must be made in advance of the start of the class.


Tuition for Fall and Spring Semesters will be refunded on the following basis:

Within the first week of class: 80%
Within the second week of class: 60%
Within the third week of class: 40%
Within the fourth week of class: 20%

Refund for Summer Semester:
Within the first week of class: 60%
Within the second week of class: 40%
Within the third week of class: 20%
No refund after the fourth week


Refund for Distance Learning:
Within the first week: 60%
Within the second week: 30%
No refund after the second week


The time period for the above computation will include the first day of class through the day on which the student hand delivers an officially executed withdrawal form to the Registrar. Refunds for students enrolled in the Veterans program will meet the Veteran Administration requirements and will be based on percent of time in attendance.


Settlement of Accounts

Each student must meet with the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office to make arrangements concerning the payment of his/her semester costs in full. This meeting must occur before the beginning of each semester. While the institution does not require accounts to be paid in full before the first day of the semester, the institution must have a clear understanding provided by the student, in writing and signed by the student, as to the method of payment.


No student will be seated for class at the beginning of the semester without having met with the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office staff, made written arrangements concerning method of payment, and paid at least forty percent of the semester tuition, after any guaranteed financial aid awards and institutional scholarships, grants, and awards are factored in. Any student not settling her/his account in full by the eleventh week of class (or July 10th for the summer semester) will be removed from the class by the Business Office. Any students removed under such terms are automatically considered withdrawn from all semester courses due to nonpayment and will not be allowed to finish, pass, or receive credit for the semester. If a student is removed from class and unable to pay his balance, she/he will not be allowed to re-enter class or complete the semester, and the student’s transcripts will display an "F" for those courses. Settling an account means that all tuition and fees owed the institution have been paid and are in the possession of the institution.


Payment in full of all tuition, fees, and fines must be made before a student may receive credit for course work, enroll for an ensuing semester, obtain a transcript, or graduate. There is no exception to this requirement. All accounts include, but are not limited to, obligations of tuition, fees, and library charges.



Credit Balances

Any student who is entitled to receive a credit balance for funds received through Title IV Federal Aid, VA Benefits, or any other scholarship or grant will be notified by email. Credit balance are disbursed through direct deposit (checking or savings account and debit cards). Direct deposit forms are available on Populi under the files tab. Funds not deposited into student's account due to failure to submit direct deposit forms within thirty (30) days will be returned to the fund or funds from which the original payment was received.


Key Deadlines

for Future Students

Sunday 3/1/15
Last Day of Distance Learning Session One
Monday 3/2/15
First Day of Distance Learning Session Two
Tuesday 3/3/15
No Classes (Matriculation)/Last Day to Drop/Add Distance Learning Session Two
Monday 3/9/15
Open House
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Free Class: Intro to the New Testament details
7:50 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Friday 3/20/15
All Tuition Due
Wednesday 4/1/15
New Student Orientation Available Online
Friday 4/3/15
Campus Closed - Good Friday
Saturday 4/11/15
Late Matriculation
Thursday 4/16/15
Annual Fund Banquet
6:00 p.m.
Sunday 4/26/15
Last Day of Distance Learning Session Two
Monday 4/27/15 - Tuesday 4/28/15
Final Exams
Friday 5/1/15
Final Grades Due


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