Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Garry Baldwin

Head of Department of Pastoral Studies

  • B.A. The Citadel
  • M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • D.Min. Carolina Graduate School of Divinity

Dr. James H. Logan, Jr.

Head of Department of Urban Studies

  • B.A. Kenyon College
  • M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary
  • D.Min. Columbia Theological Seminary

Dr. Lawrence Helms

Head of Department of Biblical Studies

  • A.A.-Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute
  • B.A.-Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.A.-Southern Evangelical Seminary
  • Ph.D.-Piedmont International University

Dr. Wesley McCarter

Director of Doctor of Ministry Program

  • M.A. in Biblical Studies, Carolina Graduate School of Divinity
  • D.Min. in Biblical Preaching, Carolina Graduate School of Divinity
  • Ph.D. Candidate in Theology (New Testament), North-West University



Part-Time Faculty

Robert F. Arnold

B.A. University of Maryland

M.A. Columbia Graduate School of Bible & Missions

David L. Bailes

B.S. University of Tennessee

M.C.M. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Garry W. Baldwin

B.A. The Citadel

M.Div. Southeastern Theological Seminary

Jerry Barber

B.A. Tennessee Temple University

M.Div. Liberty University

Th.M. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Ph.D. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Steve Benson

B.A. Covenant College

M.DIV. Reformed Theological Seminary

M.A.C. Covenant Theological Seminary

Charles B. Fields, III

  • B.A. Beacon University
  • M.A. Southern Evangelical Seminary

Robert Hendricks

  • Diploma, Moody Bible Institute
  • B.A. University of North Texas
  • Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary
  • M.A. George Washington University

Darrell Glen Hurley

  • B.A. New Life Theological Seminary
  • Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminar

Kathy M. Larson

  • B.A. Eastern University
  • M.A. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Aileen L. Maddox

  • B.S. South Carolina State University
  • M.Div. Emory University

Honore J. Missihoun

  • B.A. Universite Nationale de Cote D’Ivore
  • M.A. Universite Nationale de Cote D’Ivore
  • M.A.T. Kent State University
  • Ph.D. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Tonnell W. Oliphant

  • B.S. South Carolina State University
  • M.S. Hunter College
  • M.Ed. Winthrop University

William Tom Osterhaus

  • B.A. Trinity College
  • M.A. Wheaton Graduate School of Theology

Deborah B. Quick

  • B.A. University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • M.A. Vanderbilt University
  • Ph.D. Vanderbilt University

Fred Smith

  • B.A. University of Memphis
  • M.Div. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Trevor Smith

  • B.A. William and Mary College
  • M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Stephen O. Stout

  • B.A. Columbia Bible College
  • M.Div. Grace Theological Seminary
  • Th.M. Westminster Theological Seminary
  • D.Min. Covenant Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Adiaha Strange

  • B.A. UNCC
  • M.A.ED. University of Phoenix
  • ED.D. University of Phoenix

Wanda Wherry

  • B.S. Norfolk State University
  • M.Div. Virginia Union University School of Theology
  • D.Min. Virginia Union University School of Theology

Martha K. Williams

  • B.A. University of Alabama Huntsville
  • M.Div. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Th.M. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Regent Universtity

Elizabeth A. Williamson

  • B.S. Appalachian State University
  • M.A. Appalachian State University
  • Ed.S. Appalachian State University
  • M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Sharon Williamson

  • B.S. Auburn University
  • M.A. Auburn University

Melton B. Winstead

  • B.A. Piedmont Baptist College
  • M.Div. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

DaVaughn Miller

  • B.A. Hampshire College
  • B.M. Appalachian State University
  • M.M. Appalachian State University

Teresa McIlwain

  • B.S. Computer Science University of South Carolina
  • M.Div., Christian Theological Seminary
  • D.Min., United Theological Seminary


Daniel Goldberg

Vice President of Student Affairs Emeritus

David Paulsen

Chair Emeritus of the Department of Biblical Studies

Hoyle Martin

Chair Emeritus of the Department of General Studies

Judith Main

Registrar Emeritus

Robert Yost

Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus

Visiting Faculty

Jason English

  • B.A. Wingate University
  • M.A. New Life Theological Seminary


Norman L. Geisler (Deceased)

  • B.A. Wheaton College
  • M.A. Wheaton Graduate School
  • Th.B. William Tyndale College
  • Ph.D. Loyola University


Alan D. Myatt

  • B.A. Vanderbilt University
  • M.Div. Denver Seminary
  • Ph.D. Denver University, Iliff School of Theology


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