Goldberg Library Services

New Student Orientation:

At the start of each fall and spring semester, a New Student Orientation class is held at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary. During that class, students are introduced to the physical on campus and how to locate the electronic library on Populi. Additional lessons may be offered for students on library resources, information literacy, and research skills. The goal of these sessions is to equip library patrons for research in class projects and papers. Digital videos will be added to the website for additional understanding.

Interlibrary Loan Requests:

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a reference service providing materials that are not provided in the Goldberg Library. These materials are borrowed from other cooperating libraries for use by our patrons. There is no charge for this service. Call or email the library at 704.334.6882 x104 or [email protected] to make a request for this service. Journal articles are scanned and emailed to patrons and books are mailed to your home.

Books By Mail:

The Goldberg Library has started the practice of mailing books from our campus library to our patrons. This service is provided at no additional charge. The usual loan period is two months and can be extended if needed.

Research Assistance:

The library staff offers assistance during working hours to help patrons locate materials to conduct scholarly research and write appropriate papers with references for classes. Research assistance is primarily provided by phone, email and can be scheduled for in-person or Zoom. The library staff does not write and format the papers, but provides a “how-to” approach to complete assignments in a timely manner with excellence.

Wi-Fi and Computer Use:

The Goldberg Library provides Wi-Fi throughout the building. Additionally, there are two (2) computer workstations patrons my use. Patrons are encouraged to bring thumb drives to save work as the work cannot be saved on the hard drive. A state of the art printer is available to print reasonable copies at no additional charge.

Study Area:

The Goldberg Library provides a quiet study area with tables and chairs for individual or group study.

Supporting the Library


Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations to the institution are tax-deductible. The Goldberg library is actively soliciting donations of biblical and theological books and audio-visual materials. If you are interested in donating to our library, please contact the library staff at 704.334.6882 x104. For your convenience, a donation form can be completed and sent via email to the Library ([email protected]).

Library Wish List

The Director of Library and Archives maintains a wish list on of desired titles and equipment for the Goldberg Library. Please prayerfully consider blessing the library with these items. If you would like to honor someone through your gift, please inform the Director of Library and Archives so that she/he might send you a thank you letter and designate the honoree with a book plate.

Goldberg 1996 Library Club

The Goldberg 1996 Library Club is a tangible way to support God's work at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary. The Library will develop the 1996 Library Club to attract donors to give via the library website. Donors will be encouraged to give $19.96 to commemorate the year the institution was founded. Donating to this fund supports the operating budget of the library. Moreover, it helps the library update its technologies, add quality books and media, and fund workshops hosted by the library staff. Please email the library ([email protected]) for more information about donating to the Goldberg 1996 Library Club.

We look forward to growing and evolving to meet the needs of current and future leaders of the church.

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