Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies

The 128 semester credit hour program of study provides flexibility for serious minded students.

The learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies Program are…

  1. To demonstrate one’s own personal faith in Christ by the use of spiritual disciplines and by the articulation of his or her spiritual journey.
  2. To demonstrate the ability to apply the Bible, biblical languages, and proper hermeneutics within contemporary urban ministerial contexts.
  3. To analyze and evaluate methods, interpretations, and historical difficulties in the historical and theological disciplines.
  4. To synthesize and integrate concepts and practical skills, such as leadership, communication, spiritual direction, and administration into real-life ministry settings.

The educational goal of the BAPS program is to prepare students for employment in church ministry settings, mission fieldwork, or to serve as a basis for ongoing education. It is the ideal undergraduate major for students preparing for the pastorate and the Master of Divinity degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies

General Education Requirements

GS 130 New Student Seminar | 3 Hours

Students will receive personal assessment for academic skills in mathematics and English, computer skills and word-processing; Populi; computer on-line research; how to use the NLTS media resources and educational consortium; formal research writing foundations (Turabian); NLTS educational resources and personnel; community resources, etc.

GS 132 Introduction to Composition | 3 Hours

A course that stresses writing as a process, focusing on narrative essay. The goal is to develop fluency, coherence, style, and effectiveness. (Prerequisite GS 131)

GS 133 Basic College Math | 3 Hours

An introduction to logic, sets, number systems, geometry, probability, and statistics.

GS 135 Church History 1 or GS 233 History of Civilization 1 | 3 Hours

GS 135 Church History 1

A survey of the history of the church from apostolic times up to the Reformation.

GS 233 History of Civilization 1

A survey of major civilizations from the dawn of recorded events to 1600 AD with emphasis in the inter-relationship of ancient cultures, medieval civilization, and the Renaissance and Reformation eras.

GS 136 Church History 2 or GS 234 History of Civilization 2 | 3 Hours

GS 136 Church History 2

A survey of the history of the church from the Reformation to the present, including Protestant origins and development.

GS 234 History of Civilization 2

A survey of major developments in world civilizations since 1600 AD with an emphasis on colonialism, the Enlightenment, the great world wars, and interrelated cultural movements.

GS 137 Introduction to Basic Science | 3 Hours

This course provides a basic introduction to the elementary principles of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Social Science Course | 3 Hours

GS 138 Introduction to Sociology is recommended, but any Social Science transfer is also acceptable.

GS 230 Oral Communication | 3 Hours

This course is designed to introduce the student to public speaking. The student will learn to be aware of habits, mannerism, diction and enunciation that interfere with good communication. The student will strengthen his/her oral communication skills.

GS 231 Functional Composition | 3 Hours

A course designed to enhance the student’s writing skills in the context of the study of literature. Attention is given to grammar, rhetoric, and critical writing. (Prerequisite GS 131, GS 132)

Humanities Course | 3 Hours

Choice of any one literature or music course, providing the course does not carry a prerequisite.

LA 130 Introduction to Biblical Languages | 3 Hours

The student will be introduced to the ancient languages used when Scripture was originally written and collected into the Bible. Students will learn the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek alphabet and begin to understand the importance of learning the ancient languages used in the writing of the Bible. Lab required.

2 Language Courses | 6 Hours

Can be Greek 1 and 2, Hebrew 1 and 2, or another, depending on degree needs.

UM 131 Introduction to Urban Christian Ministry | 3 Hours

An in-depth survey in the study of the major social, economic, political, and environmental forces unique to large urban areas. Emphasis is given to an analysis of these forces from a Christian perspective. This is demonstrated in part through a Christian challenge to the growing linkage between urbanization and secularization and how each process has influenced the other. Students are required to write a brief pre-approved research paper and to give an oral report on a “walk-in-my-shoes” urban ministry program experience.

TH 238 Theology of Urban Ministry | 3 Hours

An introduction to what Scripture teaches concerning the city, how God works in the city, and explores the role of the Church as it relates to ministering in the urban area.

Major Requirements

NT 131 New Testament Survey | 3 Hours

An overview of the background, history, and major teachings of the Gospels, Acts, Pauline Letters, General Letters, and Revelation.

OT 131 Old Testament Survey | 3 Hours

A survey of the literature of the Old Testament .with special reference to background, history, contents, and major teachings.

PS 131 Personal Evangelism | 3 Hours

An introduction to and personal preparation for the opportunity for presenting the gospel to the individual. The basis of the study is founded on Biblical foundations and demands for evangelism.

PS 134 Personal Spiritual Development | 3 Hours

This course covers the formation and maintenance of a personal and disciplined Spiritual life.

PS 139 Introduction to Worship | 3 Hours

This course examines various models of ordinary Christian worship along with special occasion worship such as weddings and funerals.

TH 131 Systematic Theology I | 3 Hours

An introduction to the practice of theological reflection, including theological methodology, revelation, and the doctrine of the Triune God.

TH 132 Systematic Theology II | 3 Hours

An introduction to the basic components of Christian theology, including the works of God, anthropology, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church and last things.

TH 134 Basic Christian Ethics | 3 Hours

An introduction to the study and practice of Christian Ethics. This course examines the philosophical and theological backgrounds for ethics, the role of biblical authority, and the historical relation between church and society in order to develop a valid method of moral decision making and to lead the church in applying the gospel to life.

TH 231 Sin and Salvation | 3 Hours

A theological study of the doctrines of sin and salvation. Includes the doctrines of effectual calling and election, regeneration, justification, and sanctification.

TH 233 Hermeneutics | 3 Hours

The science and methodology of interpretation of the Bible based on principles found in Scripture.

TH 237 The Triune Nature of God | 3 Hours

An in-depth study of the Biblical truth that our God is the one true and living God. He is the omniscient, omnipotent, and ever present One, the Creator, Redeemer, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe. God is infinite in holiness and all other perfections. The triune God is revealed to us in the distinct Persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each sharing the same nature, essence and being.

TH 435 Apologetics | 3 Hours

An investigation of selected persons and schools of thought that reflect the validity of the Christian faith with the purpose of defending that faith against attack.

Elective Requirements

Electives | 17 Hours

Concentration in Pastoral Studies

Concentration Requirements

CC 130 Basic Pastoral Counseling | 3 Hours

A basic introduction to pastoral counseling. Special emphasis is placed on developmental and emergency situations that are commonly encountered by the pastor.

PS 132 Pastoral Care and Visitation | 3 Hours

This is an introductory course in pastoral care. The student will study the fundamentals of visitation of the sick, new and perspective members, and visitation for leadership strengthening and renewal. This course includes class interaction, practice, and reflection.

PS 230 Sermon Preparation | 3 Hours

The study and practice of sermon construction.

PS 231 Sermon Delivery | 3 Hours

The practice of preaching to specific audiences. (Prerequisite PS 230)

PS 236 Special Services | 3 Hours

The study of the design and praxis of the special services, in which a pastor takes part, including: weddings, funerals, baptisms, the Lord’s Supper, baby dedications, church dedications, and ordinations.

PS 237 Understanding Church Finances | 3 Hours

A detailed study will be made of the pastor’s role in the stewardship of the church’s resources including the managing of finances, working with finance teams, development of budgets, prioritizing current needs, planning for future ministries, preparing for the building program, and policies and procedures pertaining to human resources as they relate to the church’s finances. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate critically the management system in their home church or place of ministry.

PS 336 Pastoral Leadership | 3 Hours

A practical guide for the pastor to develop the skills needed for effective leadership. Topics include: motivation, positive attitude, delegation of responsibility, management of staff and volunteers, being an example, and finding the source of strength.

PS 431 Death, Illness and Suffering | 3 Hours

A comprehensive study of all aspects of human suffering including: illness, terminal illness, multiple traumas, and death of a loved one. How to minister to church families in these situations.

PS 438 Preaching Seminar | 3 Hours

The exposition of the methods of preaching and critical analysis of sermon preparation and delivery with peers. (Prerequisite PS232/233 or PS234/235)

PS 439 Ministry Practicum (Capstone) | 3 Hours

The student is under the supervision of an experienced pastor and gains insight into all facets of the operations and ministry of the local church.

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