Bachelor of Arts in Urban Christian Ministries

The 128 semester credit hour program of study provides flexibility for serious minded students.

The learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts in Urban Christian Ministries Program are…

  1. To identify and understand basic and intermediate terms and concepts in Urban Christian Studies.
  2. To analyze and evaluate systemic issues that plague and prevent the empowerment of urban communities.
  3. To synthesize and integrate concepts and structures from Urban Christian Studies into empowering and sustaining community.

The educational goal of the BAUCM program is to prepare students for employment in church teaching settings, mission field work, or to serve as a basis for ongoing education.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Christian Ministries

General Education Requirements

GS 130 New Student Seminar | 3 Hours

Students will receive personal assessment for academic skills in mathematics and English, computer skills and word-processing; Populi; computer on-line research; how to use the NLTS media resources and educational consortium; formal research writing foundations (Turabian); NLTS educational resources and personnel; community resources, etc.

GS 132 Introduction to Composition | 3 Hours

A course that stresses writing as a process, focusing on narrative essay. The goal is to develop fluency, coherence, style, and effectiveness. (Prerequisite GS 131)

GS 133 Basic College Math | 3 Hours

An introduction to logic, sets, number systems, geometry, probability, and statistics.

GS 135 Church History 1 or GS 233 History of Civilization 1 | 3 Hours

GS 135 Church History 1

A survey of the history of the church from apostolic times up to the Reformation.

GS 233 History of Civilization 1

A survey of major civilizations from the dawn of recorded events to 1600 AD with emphasis in the inter-relationship of ancient cultures, medieval civilization, and the Renaissance and Reformation eras.

GS 136 Church History 2 or GS 234 History of Civilization 2 | 3 Hours

GS 136 Church History 2

A survey of the history of the church from the Reformation to the present, including Protestant origins and development.

GS 234 History of Civilization 2

A survey of major developments in world civilizations since 1600 AD with an emphasis on colonialism, the Enlightenment, the great world wars, and interrelated cultural movements.

GS 137 Introduction to Basic Science | 3 Hours

This course provides a basic introduction to the elementary principles of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Social Science Course | 3 Hours

GS 138 Introduction to Sociology is recommended, but any Social Science transfer is also acceptable.

GS 230 Oral Communication | 3 Hours

This course is designed to introduce the student to public speaking. The student will learn to be aware of habits, mannerism, diction and enunciation that interfere with good communication. The student will strengthen his/her oral communication skills.

GS 231 Functional Composition | 3 Hours

A course designed to enhance the student’s writing skills in the context of the study of literature. Attention is given to grammar, rhetoric, and critical writing. (Prerequisite GS 131, GS 132)

Humanities Course | 3 Hours

Choice of any one literature or music course, providing the course does not carry a prerequisite.

LA 130 Introduction to Biblical Languages | 3 Hours

The student will be introduced to the ancient languages used when Scripture was originally written and collected into the Bible. Students will learn the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek alphabet and begin to understand the importance of learning the ancient languages used in the writing of the Bible. Lab required.

2 Language Courses | 6 Hours

Can be Greek 1 and 2, Hebrew 1 and 2, or another, depending on degree needs.

UM 131 Introduction to Urban Christian Ministry | 3 Hours

An in-depth survey in the study of the major social, economic, political, and environmental forces unique to large urban areas. Emphasis is given to an analysis of these forces from a Christian perspective. This is demonstrated in part through a Christian challenge to the growing linkage between urbanization and secularization and how each process has influenced the other. Students are required to write a brief pre-approved research paper and to give an oral report on a “walk-in-my-shoes” urban ministry program experience.

TH 238 Theology of Urban Ministry | 3 Hours

An introduction to what Scripture teaches concerning the city, how God works in the city, and explores the role of the Church as it relates to ministering in the urban area.

Major Requirements

MS 234 Christian Message and World Religions | 3 Hours

The study of the beliefs and practices of contemporary world religions from the standpoint of the Christian faith, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and pagan religions.

MS 235 Christian Message and American Religions | 3 Hours

The study of the beliefs and practices of contemporary American religious groups from the standpoint of the Christian faith, including Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, the Unification Church, Witchcraft, and Astrology, the New Age Movement and Hare Krishna.

NT 131 New Testament Survey | 3 Hours

An overview of the background, history, and major teachings of the Gospels, Acts, Pauline Letters, General Letters, and Revelation.

OT 131 Old Testament Survey | 3 Hours

A survey of the literature of the Old Testament .with special reference to background, history, contents, and major teachings.

PS 131 Personal Evangelism | 3 Hours

An introduction to and personal preparation for the opportunity for presenting the gospel to the individual. The basis of the study is founded on Biblical foundations and demands for evangelism.

PS 134 Personal Spiritual Development | 3 Hours

This course covers the formation and maintenance of a personal and disciplined Spiritual life.

TH 131 Systematic Theology I | 3 Hours

An introduction to the practice of theological reflection, including theological methodology, revelation, and the doctrine of the Triune God.

TH 134 Basic Christian Ethics | 3 Hours

An introduction to the study and practice of Christian Ethics. This course examines the philosophical and theological backgrounds for ethics, the role of biblical authority, and the historical relation between church and society in order to develop a valid method of moral decision making and to lead the church in applying the gospel to life.

UM 233 Urban Community Development | 3 Hours

Restoring urban centers by applying Biblical principles to embrace individual respect and family unity thereby redeveloping and maintaining urban neighborhoods.

UM 237 Demography | 3 Hours

The study of demographic characteristics of urban population, as age, sex, income, family size and make-up, etc. for analysis. Students learn how to use demographics to plan and implement urban ministries.

UM 322 Urban Ministry Research | 3 Hours

A course designed to increase the knowledge of the student in the area of their specific concentration by researching and writing about a specific project. Instruction will include how to choose, design and write a project, with specific pieces due through the duration of the course, culminating in a finished research project.

UM 333 The Urban Church | 3 Hours

The study of the historical and cultural role that the church has played in society and new methods that are being implemented to build churches in cities. An emphasis is placed on structural framework and the use of outside organizations to the work of ministry.

Elective Requirements

Electives | 17 Hours

Concentration in Christian Education

Concentration Requirements

CE 231 Introduction to Christian Education | 3 Hours
A study of the philosophical, historical, biblical, and theological foundations of Christian education.
CE 233 Christian Leadership Recruitment and Training | 3 Hours

The biblical principles for building a cohesive and effective ministry team are studied with emphasis upon the practical means for achieving.

CE 235 Human Growth & Development | 3 Hours

This course is a study of the development of the individual from conception through adulthood. Theories and factual content underlying current thinking and research are examined, as well as the processes and influences affecting the developing person. The focus is on biological, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects across the lifespan, and individual application is emphasized.

CE 333 Sunday School Administration and Children’s Work | 3 Hours

The methods, materials, resources, and procedures used in the organization, curriculum development, teacher training, and evangelization of children.

CE 334 Models of Youth Ministry | 3 Hours

To gain knowledge of a variety of models of youth ministry and be able to determine the best model for a specific context.

CE 335 Teaching Techniques | 3 Hours

Pedagogy is studied in terms of preparation, lesson plans, achieving objectives, presenting material to a class, evaluation, and testing. Included in the class is the accountability of the teacher.

CE 336 Recreational Leadership | 3 Hours

A course designed to provide the student with the ability to develop, direct, and administer recreational programs spanning all age groups within the church.

CE 434 Philosophy of Christian Education | 3 Hours

A study of the foundations of education in theology, philosophy, and learning theory. Recent trends in educational philosophy are observed and evaluated.

CE 436 Childhood Development and Learning | 3 Hours

The study of developmental stages during the first two decades of life and the learning processes that take place at each developmental stage. The course includes social forces affecting behavior, mainstreaming exceptional children, and techniques for studying the individual and group.

CE 438 The Ministry of Christian Education | 3 Hours

A study of the role and function of education ministers in the church. Major topics include clarifications, staff relations, and general supervision of the educational programs of the church. Attention is given to the process of change and the need for continuing personal growth.

Concentration in Church Planting

Concentration Requirements

Concentration in Counseling

Concentration Requirements

CC 130 Basic Pastoral Counseling | 3 Hours

A basic introduction to pastoral counseling. Special emphasis is placed on developmental and emergency situations that are commonly encountered by the pastor.

CC 232 Introduction to Christian Counseling I | 3 Hours

This course will help students comprehend and differentiate various models used in Christian counseling and ministry. Application of these models will be demonstrated so students will understand how they can be used in urban ministry settings.

CC 234 Abnormal Psychology | 3 Hours

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a study of Abnormal Psychology examining current concepts of mental illness. The course will explore etiology, symptoms, and basic unfilled human needs of selected disorders using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and basic biblical principles of pastoral and Christian counseling from both a clinical and biblical perspective.

CC 333 Counseling Theories | 3 Hours

Using the Christian foundations in God’s Word, the student will be introduced to classical and current theories of counseling and examine each one in light of Scripture and practical relevance. (Prerequisites CC232/233)

CC 336 Counseling Social Problems | 3 Hours

This course will describe common social problems experienced in urban settings. The constant focus will be on depression and anxiety disorder, along with other social problems such as abuse and trauma. Students will learn how to identify the symptoms and behaviors of these social problems and determine what care and resources are needed.

CC 431 Crisis, Loss and Grief | 3 Hours

This course will describe specific crisis one will face throughout one’s life cycle, including but not limited to regular life transitions, unexpected tragedies, disease, and death. The emphasis will be on understanding loss from a spiritual and emotional perspective. The course will include discussion and description of the stages of grief, along with the interventions and counseling skills needed to help those in the midst of major life transitions. (Prerequisite CC 234)

CC 432 Addiction Issues | 3 Hours

This course will provide introductory knowledge of drug addiction and its effects on the brain and prevention. Among addictions examined will be pornography, sexual addiction, and the underlying reasons and motives from a spiritual and emotional perspective. Students will learn how to recognize, support, and refer to licensed professionals.

CC 435 Marriage and Family Counseling | 3 Hours

A comprehensive course designed to equip the Christian counselor to understand the holistic dynamics of marriage and family relationships in regards to marital and family counseling. (Prerequisite CC 434)

CC 438 The Christian and Sexuality | 3 Hours

An in depth study of sexuality and how to deal with one’s sexuality from a healthy biblical perspective. (Prerequisite CC334)

CC 439 Emotional and Spiritual Preparation for Ministry | 3 Hours

This course will explain a person’s worth in Christ based on biblical truth. It will also explore the significance of emotional well-being when caring for others such as establishing boundaries, self-care, and one’s personal and relational issues. (Prerequisites CC 232, CC 334)

Concentration in Cross-Cultural Studies

Concentration Requirements

CE 337 Black Church History | 3 Hours

A course designed to give the student an in depth look at the effect of the church and the Christian faith on the face of black America, and how the black church shaped American history.

LA 236 Spanish I or Another Foreign Language | 3 Hours

A study of the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Essentials of grammar, pronunciations, reading, composition, and their application in oral and written work.

LA 237 Spanish II or Another Foreign Language | 3 Hours

Completion of the fundamentals of the Spanish language with emphasis upon correct pronunciation and mastery of a practical vocabulary. Continued work on oral and written expression with a survey of Hispanic civilization included. (Prerequisite LA 236)

LA 335 Spanish III or Another Foreign Language | 3 Hours

A review of elementary grammar, irregular verbs, and idioms, along with additional practice in oral and written work. (Prerequisite LA 237)

LA 336 Spanish IV or Another Foreign Language | 3 Hours

Selected reading passages with continued practice in pronunciation, conversation, composition, and idiomatic structure. (Prerequisite LA 335)

MS 332 Missions | 3 Hours

A comprehensive study of current issues in missions. A look at the philosophies, methodologies, and contemporary developments of Christian missions, emphasizing urban and rural-urban contexts.

UM 330 Cross-Cultural Communication | 3 Hours

The study and practice of the communication of the Christian faith across cultural and social boundaries through both verbal and nonverbal messages. Emphasis is placed on developing multi-cultural models for evangelistic and theological persuasion.

UM 331 Cross-Cultural Outreach | 3 Hours

Emphasis is placed on how to reach across cultural barriers and establish relationships to further the advance of the Christian church in urban centers.

UM 431 Methodology of Missions | 3 Hours

Introduction to methods used in missions, past and present, and their Biblical relevance and relationship to the expansion of Christianity. Research is directed toward trends and issues that will prepare the student for effective missions involvement.

UM 433 Practicum in Urban Ministry | 3 Hours

Field missionary experience in urban areas with attention given to the process of urbanization, its accompanying problems, and proposed solutions for the future. (Prerequisite: UM 335)

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