Doctoral Degrees

The Doctor of Ministry degree requires the completion of ten (10) courses.

Core Requirements

The Doctor of Ministry degree requires the completion of ten (10) courses. Five (5) of the courses are required and the other five will be in your area of Focus:

PS 701 Biblical Theology of Ministry | 3 Hours

An in-depth look at those principles found in scripture which provide the foundation for a theology of ministry.

PS 710 Art of Transforming Text into Sermon | 3 Hours

An investigation of the process through which a text moves from the pages of scripture into the lives of God’s people. Students will sharpen their skills in the science of biblical interpretation and strengthen their ability to develop sermons built upon sound exegetical observations which also interest and challenge the hearers.

PS 720 Disciplines That Revitalize the Pastor | 3 Hours

An experiential course that immerses the student in the spiritual disciplines practiced by Christians through the centuries. This course will provide guidance as the student practices each of the disciplines, reflects on personal transformation, and invites members of the congregation to experience their own renovation of the heart.

PS 730 Creating a Global Vision in the Local Church | 3 Hours

A module designed to help the local church see beyond its own community and develop a global perspective of God’s activity. This course covers culturally sensitive strategies for members to become involved with believers from other parts of the world through tactical support and enrichment projects as well as short-term mission trips.

PS 740 Professional Doctoral Project | 3 Hours

A summative project which allows the student three (3) options from which to choose: 1) the development of a program to eliminate a personal weakness in pastoral leadership, 2) the teaching of a leadership course in a structured setting, or 3) the production of a publishable quality book. The Professional Doctoral Project will require approximately two hundred fifty (250) clock hours to complete, resulting in a product of one hundred fifty (150) pages.

Focus Requirements

The student will build the remainder of his/her degree program around one (1) of three (3) options: Preaching, Pastoral Leadership, or Urban Ministry.

The Preaching option

PS 800 Preaching the Literary Genres of Scripture (3 credit hours)

An examination of preaching that structures the sermon according to the particular literary form employed in the biblical passage. This course will examine the characteristics of various genres (law, narrative, wisdom, prophecy, gospel, parable and epistle), principles for interpreting each genre, guidelines for using the genre in a sermon, and suggestions for appropriate applications to contemporary faith and practice.

PS 805 Biographical Preaching (3 credit hours)

A course that investigates a variety of preaching methods for making the characters of the Bible live for congregations removed from those characters by time, geography and culture. Students will have the opportunity to introduce a new friend to fellow worshipers over several weeks.

PS 810 Crafting Illustrations and Applications (3 credit hours)

An investigation into the transforming power of illustration and application. This course will provide strategies and resources for a lifetime of preaching that connects with audiences in ways that can be used by the Holy Spirit to change lives.

PS 815 Preaching through a Book of the Bible (3 credit hours)

An exploration of the value of expository preaching which introduces the congregation to the spiritual riches of an entire book of the Bible. In addition to methods for grasping the message of the book as a whole, students will learn to unpack its smaller sections in light of the book’s purposes. Strategies for maintaining long-term congregational interest will also be developed.

PS 820 Great Preachers and Their Messages (3 credit hours)

An opportunity to learn from the giants of the pulpit throughout church history, especially the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This course introduces the lives, ministries and sermons of great preachers who impacted the world in which they ministered. Students will be challenged to learn the principles that characterized great preachers and apply them to their own journeys toward pulpit excellence.

The Leadership option

PS 830 The Pastor as Spiritual Guide (3 credit hours)

An exploration of the use of spiritual direction as a means of counseling individuals within the congregation. Students will learn practical skills for helping people apply biblical and spiritual insight to the problems which disrupt their lives.

PS 835 Revitalizing the Stagnant Church (3 credit hours)

A seminar focusing on church revitalization through careful study of turnaround strategies to help churches to move from decline to a position of health. Different turnaround strategies will be identified, evaluated and compared in an effort to increase the skill level of students to lead churches in revitalization. Students will be able to design a turnaround strategy for their ministry settings.

PS 840 Identifying and Developing Leaders in the Local Church (3 credit hours)

A course designed to help pastors develop leadership within their congregations. This course explores the stages of development, the needs at the various stages, and biblical examples and training that coordinate with the developmental process.

PS 845 Strategies for Long-term Ministry Effectiveness (3 credit hours)

A course that examines the issues which cause a pastor to lose his/her cutting edge and strategies for maintaining effectiveness over a lifetime of ministry. Students will develop and implement a personal plan for continued growth in ministry.

PS 850 Pastoral Leadership in the Culturally Engaged Church (3 credit hours)

A study of cultural trends encountered by the church in the twenty-first century, appropriate strategies for turning the trends into opportunities for expanding the kingdom of God, and the pastor’s role in the implementation of the strategies in the local church.

The Urban Ministry option

PS 860 Foundations of Urban Ministry (3 credit hours)

A course designed to help the student develop a biblical framework for urban ministry and gain an overall understanding of foundational principles for effective urban ministry. Students will learn principles to understand the diversity of urban settings, to target the needs of various people groups within an urban area, and to develop strategies for effective urban ministry within that culture.

PS 865 Preaching to the Contemporary Listener (3 credit hours)

A study of preaching in the twenty-first century which examines subjects such as contemporary urban culture and the nature of the contemporary listener. Students explore the use of storytelling, creative language, drama, multi-media and other innovative delivery systems.

PS 870 Urban Church Leadership and Management (3 credit hours)

An investigation of the principles, challenges and practices of Christian leadership in the urban context. It includes a theology of leadership, leading and managing specific ministries, working with the systems effecting life in the city, empowering people, managing change, and managing conflict effectively.

PS 875 Issues Confronting the Urban Pastor (3 credit hours)

An examination of the internal issues (dwindling membership, theological controversies and spiritual vitality) and the external issues (cultural relevance, geo-political concerns and social debates) facing urban pastors. Proposals for how pastors in the city can speak to these conditions will be developed through thoughtful analysis, in-depth research and creative discussion.

PS 880 World Religions in the City (3 credit hours)

A study of the major world religions found in every urban environment and the cultures associated with them. This course investigates Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and may include visits to local worship centers. The student will develop a Christian response to the claims of each religion as well as strategies for his/her church to present Christ productively.

Students who wish to strengthen their ministry by taking courses from all three (3) options may do so by petitioning the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.

Focus Requirements | 15 Hours
Total | 30 Hours

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