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Doctor of Ministry Program

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Director of the D.Min. Program: Dr. Wesley C. McCarter

Contact: [email protected]

Greetings from the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program of the Charlotte Theological Seminary.

Applicants considered for the CTS DMin Program are those who hold a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or its academic equivalent. Among several factors, MDiv equivalency is recognized as 72 graduate hours with the culmination of at least one graduate degree in a ministry-related field of study. Moreover, applicants should have at least three years of ministry experience.

The CTS DMin Program consists of 10 courses (one of which is the Dissertation). There are five required courses and five elective courses. Students can choose their electives according to the area of focus that they need for their current and future ministries. CTS offers courses in the areas of preaching and leadership, all with attention given to urban Christian ministry.

The Professional Doctoral Project, commonly known as the Dissertation, is a summative project which allows the student three options from which to choose: (1) the development of a program to eliminate a personal weakness in pastoral leadership, (2) the production of an expository commentary, or (3) the production of a publishable quality book. The Professional Doctoral Project will require approximately 250 clock hours to complete, resulting in a product of 150 pages.

The DMin program can be completed completely online, but CTS also offers on-site courses which necessitate one week of four, full days in Charlotte at some point during the semester. We also host seminars occasionally. The requirements are typically met over four years. However, the duration depends on individual students—full-time or part-time, family obligations, work obligations, budgeting, individual drive, etc.

Our doctoral faculty is made up of fantastic men and women of God who have impressive academic qualifications and are all also involved in local church ministry. We have subject matter experts in preaching, leadership, pastoral ministry, and apologetics. The DMin Faculty members all hold doctorates from accredited programs and are graduates from some of the most reputable universities and seminaries in the world.

For a fully accredited doctoral program, the CTS DMin is financially affordable. No student needs to be strapped with unreasonable financial burdens. So, we attempt to be one of the best priced programs among theological schools. Moreover, we encourage students to pay as they go so that they graduate with no debt. To accomplish this goal, students may decide to take one course at a time. Funding sources include personal savings, family support, local church support, denominational scholarships, various grants, and more. CTS does participate in the student loan program, if the student chooses that option.

The Doctor of Ministry Program is both a terminal and practical degree designed to assist those who are already in ministry strengthen their academic and practical skills by upgrading four pastoral related competencies, with the view towards increasing their effectiveness in an urban, multicultural environment: (1) Pulpit Competence, (2) Spiritual Competence, (3) Leadership Competence, and (4) Urban Ministry Competence. The DMin Program aims to help current pastors and leaders to enhance their current ministries. The doctoral program does not intend to prepare students for a new career in ministry but to enhance the ministries of leaders who have already been engaged in ministry for many years. Again, the DMin Program endeavors to encourage pastors and ministry leaders to reach their full potential, practically and academically.

If you have any specific questions, send them to the Director of the DMin Program. You can email the Director to schedule a phone call or video conference. CTS would appreciate the opportunity to review your application for admission to the doctoral program.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Wesley McCarter, you check out his biography on our Faculty Page.